Stocking Platter Cookie Cutter Set

Stocking Platter Cookie Cutter Set

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This Stocking Platter cookie cutter set is perfect for Christmas gatherings big and small. It can stand on it's own or be included in a candy charcuterie board. Plus, only two colors are needed to decorate so it's easy and fast!

It has 6 cutters:

  • Cuff cutter (this is used to create both pieces of the top cuff),
  • Ankle stripe cutter,
  • 2 ankle bend cutters,
  • Heel cutter, and
  • Toe box cutter.

The cookie cutters are Regular sized, ranging from 3.5 to 4 inches on the longest side. The platter consists of 9 cookies (though more can be added for a longer stocking).

If you order digital files only, please allow 24 hours for the files to be emailed to you. Please ensure you enter your email address during checkout for delivery. You may also make a note at checkout if you do not want labels on the print files as some 3D printers do not print text cleanly. 

    Our cookie cutters are printed in food-safe PLA filament and have a description of the cutter engraved on it's handle face so you never forget what a cutter is. The handles are rounded for comfortable use and every cutter has a sharp cutting edge (0.6mm....about half the standard plastic credit card thickness) for a clean cut every time. 

    Cutters are not dishwasher safe and must be kept away from all forms of heat to prevent warping. Hand wash cutters in lukewarm + soapy water, rinse and towel dry. 

    **Candy is NOT included**